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VFX Services

Soundsight VFX Elevating Cinematic Excellence

Breaking Barriers with World-Class VFX, AI, and Unrivaled Creative Ingenuity.

Soundsight VFX is at the cutting edge of film and provides various services related to post-production.
With the top VFX artists in the world we are able to create anything that comes to mind with pinpoint accuracy.
Current editing technology as well AI software gives Soundsight the ability to create entire worlds, scenarios and develop unreal, mind blowing visuals which elevate the production quality of each and every commercial, film, product or brand visual.
What is now possible is almost infinite, if the client can think it, we can produce it. In today’s digital landscape, VFX and animation videos are not just options; they’re essential tools for brand success. Visual storytelling using Animation and VFX are attention-grabbers and this is what we provide for our clientele. These stunning visuals engage and immerse your audience like no other medium. Sounsight provides everything from VFX, CGI and Animation to 3D Modeling, Product Rendering & World Builds.

Why use advertising videos and animations?

In today’s digital landscape, animation and videos are not just options; they’re essential tools for brand success. Choose visual storytelling with us, and let’s elevate your brand together.

Videos and animations are attention-grabbers. They engage and immerse your audience like no other medium.

Why Us?

In a world saturated with options, choosing the right partner for your creative needs is crucial. At Soundsight, we stand out for a reason. Here’s why you should choose us:

Our team brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the table. We’re masters of our craft, ensuring top-notch quality in everything we create.

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality work efficiently. We understand the importance of time, and we ensure your project is completed promptly without compromising on excellence.

Visual Effects(VFX)

Create any special effect that can be added to a film or video in post-production, as computer-generated imagery. These images are created using models, and that can be mixed with live action; action using real people, animals, vehicles, places, etc.

Our VFX Services


Starting at: $2,000

Soundsight Visual Effects

Our VFX Services


Starting at: $2,500

VFX Supervision

Types of VFX


Compositing is the process of taking several visual elements from different sources and combining them into a single video. The video effects (VFX) technique is usually used to imply that the elements are from the same scene.

Starting at: $1,500


Types of VFX

CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery)

CGI comprises digitally rendered particles, static environment, backgrounds, moving animated objects and VFX.

Starting at: $3,500

Types of VFX


Create Imaginary Worlds
We develop realistic environments for your film or scene, we can place actors and objects in worlds and create camera movement within the world build.

WORLD BUILDS (CG SCAPES) Starting at: $3,500

CGI Landscapes
Motion Capture

Types of VFX

Motion Capture

Motion capture, also called performance capture or mo-cap, is a technology that blends real life and animation, allowing you to film someone live and transfer them into computerized form.

Starting at: $4,500


Animation definition is the process of turning two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) still images into moving images. Animation is used to bring characters in a story to life, but it can be used to make any still image appear moving. It is a complex procedure that involves the calculation of various visual effects, including lighting, shadows, reflections, and texture.

Our Animation Services


Starting at: $2,500


Types of Animation

3D Product Animation

Bringing Products to Life
3D product animation is the art of using cutting edge technology to create dynamic, lifelike presentations of your products. It transforms static objects into engaging, interactive experiences. With 3D product animation, you can showcase every angle, feature, and benefit of your products, captivating your audience and making your brand truly unforgettable.

3D Modeling Starting at: $1,000

3d Product animation
3D Product Rendering

Types of Animation

Product Rendering

Transforming Ideas Into Visual Realities
Product rendering is the process of turning design concepts into photorealistic images or animations. It brings your product visions to life before they exist in the physical world. With precise lighting, textures, and attention to detail, rendering allows you to visualize, refine, and market your products effectively.

Starting at: $3,000

Types of Animation

3D Fashion

Elevate Fashion with 3D Design –
At Soundsight, we redefine fashion through the lens of innovation. Our 3D fashion design service is a fusion of creativity and technology. We craft 3D clothing and realistic cloth simulations that transcend the boundaries of the runway. These designs are versatile for events, video games, metaverse and NFT collections . Step into the future of fashion with us, where style meets the digital age.

3D Fashion Starting at: $2,000

3D Fashion

Types of Animation

Logo Animation

Your logo is the face of your brand, and now it can be in motion, we excel in crafting both 2D and 3D logo animations. These captivating animations can serve as powerful intros for your videos, adding a professional touch that grabs attention and sets the stage. Elevate your brand with a logo that comes to life and leaves a memorable mark in your audience’s minds.

Starting at: $1,000