Soundsight Summer School: Filmmaking -


If you ask anyone in the film industry how they got to where they are, they would tell you that it required persistence and hard work. Most of what is learned in the film industry is done through “trial by fire”. Many of the greatest producers, screenwriters, directors, cinematographers, and editors did not have “traditional” training or schooling in their craft. Many of them found their way into the industry through odd jobs, often starting in positions that they never imagined they would be in. Not everyone joins the industry in a conventional way and that’s okay! In the film industry there is a role for everyone’s interests and strengths! 

In order to be successful in the film and entertainment industry, it’s important to take the time to regularly work on your craft and expand your general knowledge of the industry. Productions may be on hold, but that doesn’t mean you have to hold off on becoming a knowledgeable and well rounded filmmaker! This series will serve as a version of film school that can be accessible to you through books, Youtube channels and videos, as well as podcasts. Note that not all of these suggestions are film related, some of them are personal growth books. One of the most fulfilling parts of this industry is how people grow and find personal and professional success! This article series will go into detail of each role, but for now enjoy a little preview into the industry with some of these helpful books, Youtube channels, and podcasts.

Best books to read:

Youtube channels that are great to check out if you want to join the industry:

Interesting podcasts to listen to:

The film industry truly has a role for everyone! If you have an appreciation for cameras, cinematography might be your calling. If you are skilled with words, screenwriting might be the perfect job for you! If you are great at organizing and managing people and projects, you would be an amazing producer! You don’t need to know everything, you just need to have a passion and a willingness to learn, make mistakes, and grow. The industry will allow you to learn more about yourself and your strengths then you could imagine!

Next week’s article topic is Screenwriting, stay tuned!