We maintain and provide everything necessary for production such as; Ultra High Definition Video, Studio Shoots, Location Shoots, Travel Shoots, Greenscreen, Lighting & Grip, Multi-Camera, Teleprompter, Audio Recording, Professional Wardrobe and Hair & Makeup.

Ultra High Definition Video
Studio Shoots
Location Shoots
Travel Shoots
Still Photography
Lighting & Grip
Audio Recording
Professional Wardrobe
Hair & Makeup

Once we have gone through the pre-production discovery phase and have a clear creative path, it’s time to begin production. This is where all of our pre-production efforts pay off. The script is written, we’ve casted the best actors, hired a talented production crew, the locations have been selected, and the storyboards are laid out. Production is where we execute on a well thought out creative plan.

Whether it’s a documentary approach or a production with a large cast of actors interacting with on-screen motion graphic elements, we have the experience.

For animated pieces and stories that rely heavily on motion graphics and visual effects, our team will be there to guide your project through all stages of the production. Our team of producers will ensure that the product, and your experience through the process, will be a success.